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Speaking Engagements

Customized to the specific needs of the audience, speaking engagements include up to 75 minutes of: 


Interactive workshops

1x1 coaching and consultation










Jasmine is a dynamic speaker with a heart of compassion. She communicates a powerful message well and gives practical lessons to apply to everyday life. You will not be disappointed by Jasmine!

College Education: For 6th-12th grade

"Ready-Made" workshops are great...

But “Tailored-To-Order“ is even better!

Let's face it... no one knows the culture of your classroom like you do. No one understands the needs of your students like you do. And no one sees the daily patterns of their behavior like you do.

After realizing this undeniable truth, I learned that the best way to add value to YOU is to LISTEN to what YOU need!

So that is exactly what I am here for!

First, you give me the topic and goals of the session. Then, after gaining a full understanding, I create a proposal and design research-based content specifically aligned with your mission! Specialized topics are related to college prep and life skills training for middle school and high school students.


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Self Education: Focuses on empowerment and self-discovery

Topics can be tailored-to-order or you may choose from below:

Lovin' the skin you're in

Harsh criticisms and social expectations suffocate self-love – this session creates a space to BREATHE! Group members are granted permission to embrace who they are, while understanding the dangers of denying their rights to their identity. *Specifically tailored to empower African-American girls ages 13-18*

The depth of diversity: from colleges to careers©

Without intentional efforts to make room for educated graduates from diverse backgrounds, businesses and organizations miss out on irreplaceable benefits.  This session unpacks the levels, challenges, and advantages of valuing inclusion and representation in the workplace.  

Learning leadership

Sure, there's such a thing as being a "natural born leader." However, true, dynamic, and lasting leadership is LEARNED! You've crawled and walked, but now its time to climb and soar with tools, methods, and models for your continued growth and development. Through skill building, self-assessments, and studying The Greats, you'll be able to refine and define the leader you always wanted to be!



Spiritual Education: Encouragement from a biblical perspective

TOPICS can be tailored-to-order or you may choose from below:

God Keeps his promises

Using the biopsychosocial model, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of being heirs in God’s kingdom. Great for teen break out sessions!

Walk in your worth!©

When you know what it means to love God, you can understand how that helps you to love yourself. Once you master this, you can walk in your worth!

Jasmine Bozeman is a member of the

 International Association of professional motivational Speakers