Jasmine spoke in front 75-80 African American girls, grades 7 th -12 th about self esteem, loving the skin that they’re in, being unique, being courageous, being a leader, and knowing that they have a future, while showing them the steps that it takes to get there. Jasmine presented to our participants in a very professional manner and was well prepared. She was very successful in making sure our girls were informed, enlightened and engaged during her presentation. The connection that Jasmine made with our girls was priceless. And the impression that she made on my sister and I, as well as, the committee members, was definitely something to boast and brag about.
— Lachelle Guy, Social Worker, Co-Founder of G.I.G.

I have had the privilege of spending time with Jasmine through a mentorship program. Jasmine is an articulate, intelligent, motivated young woman with a beaming positive outlook on life. Jasmine was able to rise up from adversity through her strong faith in God, the love for her boys, her commitment to pursue higher education, and the realization that she had value and could make a positive impact on others through her personal experiences. In her book “The Degree Experience: If We Can College, SO CAN YOU”, she offers a process to success and an insight to an obtainable future of educational achievement where a sense of self-worth and accomplishment can follow.
— Lena Holland, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Human Resources Professional, Mentor and Diversity Advocate

When I went to Pregnancy Resources on this particular day, I was only going, honestly, for the diaper voucher I received for the bible study. I never thought I’d leave that day with gaining one of the dearest friends I have. I really don’t remember much about what was taught, just what Jasmine and I discussed. (I.e. politics, divorce, abortion, etc.) She’s such a positive, grateful, loving, Godly person that it was effortless to talk about things with her that I didn’t feel comfortable talking about with other people. For someone only a year older than me, she has wisdom beyond her years. My husband was diagnosed with cancer last year, and Jasmine was one of my biggest cheerleaders while I was his caregiver. She never let me give up, but mainly, she never let me forget that God loves us and this was happening for a reason. There’s only a few friendships I truly value, and hers is one of those. This is one human that you will benefit, morally, from knowing. I promise.
— Bethany Kelly, Client

Jasmine is a source of joy and inspiration to everyone she meets. She is incredibly gifted in using her education, life experiences and faith to encourage people to achieve their dreams. Whether you read her book or listen to her speak, Jasmine will give you a fresh perspective on life and learning!
— Troy Hythecker, Pastor

Jasmine is a dynamic speaker with a heart of compassion. She communicates a powerful message well and gives practical lessons to apply to everyday life. You will not be disappointed by Jasmine!
— Dr. Kit Evans-Ford, Professor and Founder

“I purchased The Degree Experience to share with my middle school students who will all be the 1st generation in their families to enter college. They have been able to connect with the stories on a personal level. They see their experience mirrored in the stories which have inspired them to work towards their goal of higher education! It’s a great book & we love the activities/questions to ponder”
— Margarita Mojica, Teacher